About the Faculty of Business Sciences

The Faculty of Business Sciences has five departments that programmes at the Potsdam and College Street Campuses in East London.

The Departments and programmes are:

  • Department of Accounting & Finance
    • Diploma: Internal Auditing, Potsdam
    • Advanced Diploma: Cost and Management Accounting,   Street College
  • Department of Corporate Communication & Marketing
    • Higher Certificate: Versatile Broadcasting, Heritage
    • Diploma: Journalism, Heritage
    • Advanced Diploma: Journalism, Heritage
  • Department of Management & Governance
    • Diploma: Management, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Management (Extended), Potsdam
    • Diploma: Public Management, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Policing, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Local Government Finance, Potsdam
    • Diploma: in Local Government Finance (Extended)
    • Diploma: Small Business Management, Potsdam
    • Advanced Diploma: Management, Potsdam
    • Advanced Diploma: Public Management, College Street
  • Department of People Development & Technology
    • Diploma: Human Resources Management, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Administrative Management, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Office Management & Technology, Potsdam
    • Advanced Diploma: Human Resources Management, Potsdam & College Street
    • Advanced Diploma: Business Administration, Potsdam
  • Department of Tourism, Hospitality & Sports Management
    • BTech: Tourism Management
    • Diploma: Hospitality
    • Diploma: Tourism Management
    • Diploma: Sports Management.


The qualifying minimum requirements for each programme differs. Please refer to the relevant qualifications for these details.