Faculty of Educational Sciences

Department of Adult, Foundation Phase & Educational Foundations Education

Admission Requirements Required NSC Subjects (Compulsory)

NSC achievement rating of at least 3 (40 – 49%) for English and any three (3) of the following subjects: History

Geography Agriculture

Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy Life Sciences

Physical Sciences Accounting Business studies Economics Technology


A Senior Certificate with symbol D (SG) or E (HG) in English and any other three (3) school subjects.


The programme shall extend over three academic years of full - time study.



Admission Requirements:

The minimum qualification requirement for admission to a PGCE is an approved three-year (360 credit Level 6 in the former 8-level NQF) university degree or national diploma with courses in at least two appropriate fields of study which will allow the student to do teaching methods or curriculum studies in the  school subjects and/or learning areas. One of the teaching subjects should have been done at least in the second year level and the other one on the third year level. A teaching method or curriculum studies in an FET school subject should follow an appropriate academic field of study at second year degree level at least.

NOTE: Departures from the above are subject to the approval of the Senate.

List of Approved School Subjects


Mercantile Law



Religion Studies

Business Studies


Life Sciences


Agric Science



Physical Science



Math Literacy

Consumer Studies

Hospitality Studies

Comp Appl Tech

Civil Technology

Electrical Tech

Eng Graph & Design

Mechanical Technology


Dance Studies



Visual Arts

Dramatic Arts




Students who have passed Psychology III or equivalent number of modules may take Life Orientation as second Curriculum Studies.

Curriculum Studies Areas

Except as provided for in Regulation E6.2.1 second bullet-(c), no student will be allowed to do the curriculum studies course in an approved school subject unless s/he has already passed the number of modules equivalent to a second year degree course in the corresponding approved subject (for the degree).

No curriculum studies will be offered if the number of registered students does not make it viable for that particular year. Students will be advised accordingly.


The Curriculum for the Postgraduate Certificate in Education shall extend over one academic year of full-time study   or two academic years of part-time study.