Faculty of Educational Sciences

Department of Continuing Professional Teacher Development

The department has two parts, namely CPTD: Undergraduate and CPTD: Postgraduate & Research. The programmes for the two departments are outlined below.



The programme(s) shall be offered in the following streams Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE) Mathematics (ACEMAT) Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE) Education Management (ACEEM)

Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE) English Language Teaching (ACEELT)

Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE) FET (Specialization) (ACE-FET)

   Admission Requirements

To be admitted into an ACE programme, a student shall have:

Matric plus a three-year teachers’ qualification (M+3) including Diplomas in Secondary Education, Adult Education, National Professional Diploma in Education (NPDE), or any other qualification equivalent thereto. In addition to these requirements prospective students in ACE Mathematics (GET Intermediate & Senior Phase) would be expected to  have done Mathematics in any of the above programmes.


All ACE Programmes shall extend over a period of two years.

  • THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF EDUCATION HONOURS (B Ed Hons) The programme(s) shall be offered in any one of the following three streams:

Bachelor of Education Honours (Curriculum Studies): B Ed Hons (Curriculum Studies): BEDG

Bachelor of Education (Educational Policy and Management): B Ed Hons (Educational Policy and Management): BHEMP

Bachelor of Education (Curriculum Design and Development): B Ed Hons (Curriculum Design and Development): BHEDD

   Admission Requirements

A degree acceptable to this University for teaching purposes, plus a recognized teachers’ certificate. OR

An Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE)

In the case of BEDG a student shall have passed (at undergraduate degree or ACE or equivalent level) the curriculum studies subject for which he/she wants to specialize in.


The programme duration shall extend over one year of full time study or at least two years of part time study, but shall not exceed two years of full time study and three years of part time study.