Faculty of Commerce and Administration

Agri-Business Centre's Services

  • The services and products for the Agri-Business Centre include:

    • Social Security Grants: Child support grant, disability grant, old age grant, unemployment insurance grant, foster care, extended public works programmes, and emergency social relief of distress
    • Basic Services: Land and housing, water and sanitation, electricity and refuse removal; public transport and access roads
    • Human Resource Development: Education and training, health and wellness, science and technology, research and development, arts and culture, sports and recreation
    • Land Administration Services: Land tenure, land surveys, land valuation, land use planning, land development, and land information management system
    • Economic empowerment: Land reform and settlement, capital and financial support, enterprise and value chain development support, market and logistics development support
    • Capita Investment: Cooperative financial services, water users associations, agricultural professionals’ associations, farmers’ associations and agricultural commodity organisations, farmworker unions and labour tenants associations, community organisations and services development support, community land trusts
    • Environmental Services: Land consolidation and adjustment, working for water, land care, tree planting
    • Vital Documentation: Birth and death certificates, identity documents, marriage certificates, land rights documents.