Advanced Diploma: Tourism Management

Duration: 1 year (Full-time); 2 years (Part-time)

Delivery Site: College Street

Purpose of the Qualification

To equip students who have qualified for ND: Tourism Management with a postgraduate Diploma in Tourism Management.

There is a need in the tourism industry for graduates who are able to conduct research and formulate ground-breaking policies for the industry.

Career Opportunities

After completion, successful graduates put themselves in better stead to become entrepreneurs and secure employment as Destination Planner, Tourism Researcher, Marketing and Tourism Development Managers in all tiers of the government and private sector.

With additional experience, graduates can manage any tourism sector.

Graduates can also become facilitators and high school teachers.

Exit Level Outcomes

The qualifying learners should be able to:

  • Undertake Tourism Destination management
  • Function as a Tourism Destination planner
  • Effective market both local and international tourism
  • Conduct research aimed at improvement in the tourism industry
  • Undertake statistical analysis of tourists at a destination
  • Effectively present tourism conference presentations
  • Responsibly manage tourism planning and sustainable tourism development.

Admission Requirements

Advanced Diploma applicants must have complete successfully a recognised NQF 6 (360 credits) tourism qualifications.

To be admitted applicants require an average of 60% pass mark on major subject, on NQF6 or in addition to the completed Diploma, have two years relevant industry experience.

Each applicant for acceptance onto the course will be assessed individually.

Students who are graduates of the ND: Travel and Tourism or hold an equivalent 360 credits are required to direct their enquiries to the programme coordinator for further information about the conversation (Tourism Management).