Faculty of Educational Sciences

Faculty Academic Staff

Dean       :                                Dr BZ Gobingca – Dip in Agric (Tsolo College of Agric), B Com Ed (Unitra), B Ed Hons (Unisa), M Ed (Unitra), PhD (NMMU)

Faculty Administrator:            Mr ZD Mditshwa – B Compt (Unitra), MBA (MANCOSA), Advanced Practical Labour Law (NMMU)

Faculty Secretary:                    N Gangathele (Ms) - ND Office Management and Technology, B Tech in Public Management (WSU)



Z Tokwe (Ms) – B Ed: FET (EMS) (WSU), B Ed Hons (WSU)

N Maliwa (Ms) - ND Office Management and Technology (WSU) PGCE (WSU

N Sipungu (Ms) - ND Office Management and Technology, PGCE (WSU)

P Gogwana (Ms) - ND Office Management and Technology, B Tech in Public Management (WSU) Z Mbana (Ms) – B Soc Sc (WSU), BA Hons (WSU), MA (Social Sciences) (WSU)

AM Nyati (MS) – B Ed: FET (EMS) (WSU)


Faculty Academic Staff


MR Krexe (Dr) - BSc Agric (Fort Hare), BBA (Unisa), HDE, ACE (Maths) (Unisa) B Ed (Unisa), M Ed (UOFS) , D Ed (WSU)

AN Mapangwana (Dr) - PTD (Shawbury), ABET Higher Certificate (Unisa), BA Hons (Psychology) (Unitra), BA Hons (HIV/AIDS) (Unisa), M Ed (UOFS), D Ed (WSU)

T Saziwa (Dr) - CHED (TCE), B Ed Hons (Unitra), M Ed (WSU), D Ed (WSU)

N Magadla (Dr) - SPD (RAU), FDE (Unitra), B Ed HONS, M Ed (WSU), PhD (Rhodes)

P Nqabeni (Dr) - PTC (Arthur Tsengiwe), SED (Unitra), BA, Dip in Adult Educ, B Ed Hons Unitra), M Ed, DEd (WSU) N Nongalo (Dr) – JPTD (Cicirha College of Education), ACE (Unisa), BEd Hons (TUT), MEd, DEd (WSU)

T Maqoqa (Dr) – SPTD (Lumko College of Education), BEd (Eastern Cape Technikon), BEd Hons, MEd , DEd (WSU) NW Ndabeni (Mrs) - PTC, BA Ed, B Ed, M Ed (Unitra)

XP Magxala (Mrs) - FDE, B Ed Hons (Unitra), M Ed (WSU)

NM Mnyaka-Mngeni (Ms) - PTD (Shawbury College), BA Ed, B Ed (Unitra), ACE (UP), M Ed (WSU LD Liwani (Mrs) - BA Ed, B Ed (Unitra), FDE in Technology (Rhodes) (Z), M Ed (WSU)

KC Jokweni (Mrs) - BA, UED (Fort Hare), BA Hons (Unitra), M Ed (Stellenbosch) CN Mzimane (Ms) - PTC (Clarkebury), NPDE, ACE, B Ed Hons, M Ed (WSU)

BS Sishuba (Ms) – BA, HDE (UWC), BEd Hons, MA (NMU), Higher Diploma in Social Development (Rhodes) NN Ngubane (Mrs) – BA, PGD in Adult Education (UN), PGCE, BEd Hons (UKZN)

GN Mpondwana (Mrs) – JPTD (Masibulele College of Education), BEd FP, (UPE), BEd Hons (NMU), NHC (WSU)