Diploma: Management

Duration: 3 years (Full-time)

Delivery Site: Butterworth

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • The possession of a National Senior Certificate (NSC) or its equivalent shall serve as a general admission requirement for all diploma programmes offered by the Department.
  • A Senior Certificate or its equivalent qualification with a minimum of the following:
    • E Symbol in English HG or 3 (40-49%)
    • A pass in Mathematics (SG or HG) or Maths Literacy (4: 50-59%)
    • Recommended subjects are Economics, Accounting and Business Economics or 3 (40-49%).
  • Applicants with a National Certificate Vocational (NCV Level-4) must meet the following requirements:
    • 50% in three fundamental subjects including LOTL
    • 60% in three relevant compulsory vocational subjects.


For details of the curriculum and other rules, download a copy of Butterworth's 2021 Faculty of Management Sciences prospectus.