Governance Structures

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WSU Council

The Council, which governs the University within the confines of the Higher Education Act, 1997 (Act No. 101 of 1997) and University Statute as per Government Gazette No. 37235 was inducted on 1 May 2014.

The Council Members are led by the Chairperson and Ambassador Sheila Sisulu

The Council Members are:  

External Members

Adv TL Ngcukaitobi   Convocation Representative/Chairperson of the Council
Mr X Bombela Ministerial Appointee/Deputy Chairperson of the Council
Mr NL Capa Ministerial Appointee
Mr L Holbrook Ministerial Appointee
Ms NY Tyamzashe Ministerial Appointee
Judge SM Mbenenge Ministerial Appointee
Ms NN Bam Elected by Council, expertise in law
Ms F Lamola Elected by Council, expertise in commerce and industry
Mr T Klaas Donor representative, designated by the Advancement Office
Mr MTG Matyobeni Donor representative, designated by the Advancement Office
Mr S Puti Councillor/Convocation Representative
Mr TS Zakuza Elected by Council, expertise in financial and investment matters


Internal Members

Prof JR Midgley Councillor/Vice-Chancellor and Principal
Prof R Songca Councillor/Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic Affairs and Research
Dr MR Krexe Councillor/Senate Representative
Ms B Nguza-Mduba Councillor/Senate Representative
Ms S Ndlazi Councillor/Non-Senate Academic Employee
Dr O Nabileyo Councillor/Non-Academic Employee
Mr HK Maphinda Secretary to Council/Registrar

Secretary to Council

Mr HK Maphina Secretary to Council/Registrar


Resource Persons

Dr PS Jaca  Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Institutional Support
Mr M Mhiwatiwa  Chief Financial Officer
Prof M Davhana-Maselesele  Campus Rector: Mthatha
Prof VSB Mtetwa Campus Rector: Butterworth
Prof M Speckman  Campus Rector: Komani
Prof NN Feza  Campus Rector: Buffalo City