Teaching & Learning

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Teaching & Learning Development


The Centre for Learning and Teaching Development (CLTD) provides services and programmes which are aimed at maximising the quality of students’ learning experiences while also promoting the professionalisation of academic staff. Towards this mission, the CLTD mission is committed to the following statement:

To promote excellence in learning and teaching by providing integrated and specialised professional expertise and services for all faculties towards the improvement of the institutional learning and teaching culture.
As the Centre, we are committed to the following WSU goals:

  • To offer relevant programmes that will equip students with life-long career decision-making, planning and management skills
  • to ensure an effective and efficient system-wide approach to student access and retention by assisting faculties and cooperating with related institutional units
  • to promote excellence by integrating technology with learning and teaching
  • to develop partnerships with the regional Further Education and Training Colleges and Schools
  • to provide specialised educational expertise and functions to all WSU faculties in designing and managing relevant and accredited academic programmes.

Towards the fulfillment of these goals, the CLTD has the following units and specific functions:

  • Career Development Unit
  • Extended Studies Academy
  • Education Technology and Innovation Unit
  • Further Education and Training Unit
  • Continuous Professional Development Unit.