Student residence rules and regulations

  1. Visitors hours 08H00 – 22H00.
  2. Visitors must sign a visitor’s book.
  3. Firearms and other dangerous weapons, liquor, drugs and drunkenness are not allowed in the residences.
  4. Each residence will have a house committee.
  5. The house committee will elect a joint house committee.
  6. The local SRC welfare officer will be the chairperson of the joint house committee.
  7. The Residence Officer will have the right to inspect the rooms.
  8. Disruptive noise will not be allowed in the residences; students should practice self control at all times and refrain from actions which may disrupt the residence community in any way.
  9. Abusive language will not be allowed in the residences.
  10. Commercial activities will not be allowed in the residences.
  11. Cases of injuries must be reported to the residence officers without delay and students shall be responsible for medical accounts.
  12. Pregnant students should vacate their rooms at six months of pregnancy. (see residence policies)
  13. The university will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of students’ property.
  14. No form of initiation will be allowed in the residences.
  15. Students must refrain from conduct that will harm order and discipline in the residences.