Student Life

Graduation 2023




Dear Graduand,

Congratulations on successfully fulfilling the academic requirements for your qualification.
Kindly be advised that the University will hold the graduation ceremony in person.
The University acknowledges the value of graduation ceremonies for you and your families, as well as the implications for your future professional and academic plans. The following arrangements have been made for the in-person graduation ceremony and the issuance of diploma/degree certificates:

a) Check the status of your graduation on the University student portal using your student number and pin code.

b) Please double-check that your names have been entered correctly. If there are any inconsistencies, please contact the Student Administration Office on your campus immediately to have them corrected.

c) The University will confer all degrees, diplomas, and certificates centrally at the Nelson Mandela Drive (NMD), Great Hall, Mthatha campus on Thursday, 28 September 2023 and Friday, 29 September 2023 as indicated below:

Dates Campus Venues

Thursday, 28 September 2023
Mthatha Great Hall – NMD
Friday, 29 September 2023
Mthatha Great Hall – NMD

d) There will be two graduation sessions on each day (morning: 08h00 and afternoon: 13h00). Detailed information for each session; per Faculty is detailed on pages 3 below and the University website.

e) The names of the graduands will be published on the graduation programme per session, per Faculty. Graduation programme will be published on the University website.

f) Graduands will receive personalized graduation invitation letters issued directly to their email addresses.

g) Graduands are allowed to invite only TWO guests. Other family members may not come onto campus as they can watch the proceedings online in the comfort of their own homes.

h) Please collect the graduation access tickets from your campus Examination Department as from Monday, 18 September 2023 until Friday, 22 September 2023. As from Tuesday, 26 September 2023 until the morning of your graduation, tickets shall be collectable from the Mthatha campus Examinations Office. i) Please purchase the correct academic dress (gown, hood & mortar board) for the qualification you will receive. The academic dress order form from an appointed service provider, Birch’s is available on the University website.

j) Your degree/ diploma certificate will only be released if you have settled all your outstanding accounts with the University. For more information on fees contact:
• Mthatha on
• Butterworth on
• Komani on
• BCC on

k) Please inform the Examinations Department if you have any special physical needs.

l) University will not serve refreshments at the graduation ceremonies.

m) Academic records continue to be available online as self-help by clicking on the following link using your student number and date of birth.

n) Please be encouraged to complete the graduation survey link so as to evaluate your educational and student life experience.

o) Please visit the University website for more information on graduation
Once more, congratulations on your academic achievement.