About Faculty of Business Sciences

The Faculty of Business Sciences has five departments that programmes at the Potsdam and College Street Campuses in East London.

The Departments and programmes are:

  • Department of Accounting & Finance
    • Diploma: Internal Auditing, Potsdam
    • Advanced Diploma: Cost and Management Accounting, College Street
  • Department of Corporate Communication & Marketing
    • Higher Certificate: Versatile Broadcasting, Heritage
    • Diploma: Journalism, Heritage
    • Advanced Diploma: Journalism, Heritage
  • Department of Management & Governance
    • Diploma: Management, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Management (Extended), Potsdam
    • Diploma in Public Management, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Policing, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Local Government Finance, Potsdam
    • Diploma: in Local Government Finance (Extended)
    • Diploma: Small Business Management, Potsdam
    • Advanced Diploma: Management, Potsdam
    • Advanced Diploma: Public Management, College Street
  • Department of People Development & Technology
    • Diploma: Human Resources Management, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Administrative Management, Potsdam
    • Diploma: Office Management & Technology, Potsdam
    • Advanced Diploma: Human Resources Management, Potsdam & College Street
    • Advanced Diploma: Business Administration, Potsdam
  • Department of Tourism, Hospitality & Sports Management
    • BTech: Tourism Management
    • Diploma: Hospitality
    • Diploma: Tourism Management
    • Diploma: Sports Management.


The qualifying minimum requirements for each programme differs. Please refer to the relevant qualifications for these details.