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Welcome to the WSU Library!

Welcome to the WSU Library

Ms Pateka Ntshuntshe-Matshaya
Senior Director: Library & Information Services

On behalf of the WSU Library staff, I would like to welcome you all to the Library. We sincerely congratulate those who have joined the university for the first time as either staff or students, you have made a good choice in joining the WSU family. 

The WSU library has got 11 sites – we want you to feel comfortable and welcome in navigating the library’s physical and virtual spaces. You may check our Library guide for open hours. Each library has areas designated for quiet learning zones and group discussion/chat rooms to accommodate your collaborative study needs.

An enthusiastic team of faculty librarians and desk staff are always ready to help you with your study, learning and research needs. Please feel free to ask our staff at the reference or circulation desk for help, suggesting new curriculum-related learning material to add to the collection, for example.

The WSU Library has an awesome group of staff: We are here to help you with your research, help connect you with the print, eBooks and open online educational text books and materials you need, feel free to make our digital and physical environments as useful as possible for your success in your study and research endeavours.

My role as a Senior Director for Library and Information Services is to ensure that our patrons (academics, university students and staff) at all WSU libraries receive the very best library and information services possible from our professional, resourceful, and helpful staff.

The Campus Library Managers at your respective learning sites oversee your daily operations and access to library resources, staff is always willing to assist. 

The Library’s website which will be revamped soon aims to provide all our university community with useful and convenient virtual library and information services, advertisement of our library training programmes, activities, and databases to assist you in your research and recreational needs. 

The Library continues to expand its services, programs, and other resources to meet the needs of our growing community.

We strive to make every encounter a pleasant and rewarding experience. 

I trust you will take the opportunity to visit our library, meet our dedicated and friendly staff, use our computers and Internet access, check out materials, participate in activities that will enrich you, and get to know us better.

Should you have any comment or complaints feel free to contact me at ( or through my Secretary,

The University’s Library offers a host of services to a wide variety of users including students.