Faculty of Economics & Information Technology Systems

About the Faculty of Economics & Information Technology Systems

Vision of the Faculty

The Faculty of Economics and Information Technology Systems aspires to be an intellectual, technological and research hub for generating knowledge necessary for meaningful participation in the changing local and global economic environment.

Mission of the Faculty

The Faculty’s mission is to:

  • Produce a new generation of highly-skilled and well-rounded graduates who are groomed to address complex societal challenges through the use of innovative learning and teaching, technology and research-based solutions.
  • Provide programmes that focus on a responsive curriculum, pedagogy and context that reflect inclusivity and are cognisant of African solutions to solving problems.
  • Equip graduates with skills to develop creative and innovative solutions through programmes that incorporate a practical research approach to solving problems in communities.
  • Develop programmes that provide specific depth and specialisation of knowledge, together with practical and workplace experience, thus enabling graduates to integrate with varying organisational contexts.

Prepare students for roles in the industry by gaining a conceptual understanding and practical experience in rural and urban settings in response to local, national and international developmental objectives.


Dean (Acting)

Dr Patrick Bwowe, PhD Bus Man (North-West University), MBA (NMU), BA (Hons) Unisa), BTech Admin (NMU), BA/Ed (Makerere University)

Telephone +27 (0) 40 842 6815/6839

Email pbwowe@wsu.ac.za

Acting HoD

Economics & Finance

Mr Taruvinga Mavenyengwa, MCom Accounting

Telephone +27 (0) 842 6814

Email tmavenyengwa

Acting HoD

Management Studies

Ms Zandile Xala, MPA (NMMU), PGD (Higher Education)

Telephone +27 (0) 40 842 6870

Email zxala@wsu.ac.za

Acting HoD

Information Technology Systems

Mr Munienge Mbodila, MSc (CS & Info Systems) NWU

Telephone +27 (0) 842 6802

Email mmbodila@wsu.ac.za