Advanced Diploma: Information and Communications Technology in Communication Networks

Delivery Site: Chiselhurst, East London

Duration: 2 years (Part-Time) 


The programme provides students with the advanced skills needed for careers involving the design, configuration and implementation of computer networks.

Career Opportunities

Graduates enjoy excellent career prospects as the majority of businesses countrywide require personnel skilled in programming, computer networks. Students can go to more interesting research and development positions in the ICT industries because of their extra skills.

Exit Level Outcomes

  • Manage and control an IT environment by applying management skills and strategies.
  • To demonstrate an ability to understand and apply advanced Communication Network principles.
  • Apply advanced techniques in the design and implementation of solutions to IT-oriented problems.
  • Apply advanced techniques in the analysis and design of IT software systems.
  • Apply advanced techniques in the planning and design of network systems and infrastructures.
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan and integrate the User Interface with the design of a production system.
  • Apply advanced techniques in analysis, design and implementation of a database/knowledge base system.
  • Apply advanced techniques in the introduction and control of information security in an IT environment.
  • Inter-relate various operating systems, application systems, databases, for example, into a single operating environment.
  • Develop and implement an expert system.
  • Apply research techniques to analyse and design effective solutions for IT problems.
  • Effectively document proposed solutions.
  • Explain the concepts of artificial intelligence and commercial applications that can result from it.
  • Develop and implement local area network.
  • Develop and implement advanced Internet and web solutions.
  • Develop and implement advanced solutions for intelligent industrial systems.
  • Manage end-user call centres.
  • Develop and implement advanced technical systems.
  • Demonstrate the ability to produce a professionally prepared dissertation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to produce professionally prepared progress reports on work done as part of the industry exposure needed for this qualification.
  • Effectively administer a certain IT specialist field.
  • Administer the design and implementation of business applications.
  • Administer the design and implementation of software and database systems.
  • Administer a network and data communications environment.
  • Administer the full utilisation of Web development and Internet solutions. Administer the design and implementation of intelligent industrial system applications.
  • Administer support services systems.
  • Administer the design and implementation of technical applications.
  • Administer a hardware and computer architecture environment.

Minimum Admission Requirements

Applicants must have successfully completed the National Diploma/Diploma or equivalent programme in a cognate discipline with a minimum 60% pass.