Diploma: Information and Communications Technology in Communication Networks

Also applies to the Extended Programme

Offering Type: Full-Time

Delivery Site: Chiselhurst

Duration: 3 years; 4 years (Extended Programme)


The purpose of this diploma is to provide a professional and vocational qualification for the ICT industry, combining theory and practical exposure to enable a graduate (diplomate) to analyse, design, develop, implement and manage reliable and cost-effective communication networks by integrating current network topologies and protocols to create an appropriate and adequate environment of communication and information sharing.

Career Opportunities

Computer network specialists/administrators/technicians are required locally, nationally, and internationally in any business organization/industries. Network Technician, network administrator, support service specialist, computer/IT technician with numerous entrepreneurial opportunities.

Admission Requirements

  • NSC: Endorsement: Bachelor/Diploma. English - 4 (50-59%), Mathematics - 3 (40-49%) OR Mathematical Literacy - 5 (60-69%)
  • SC: Endorsement: Full exemption/School leaving. English First Language HG-E or SG-D OR English Second Language HG-D or SG-C, Mathematics HG-E or SG-D
  • NCV(4): Endorsement: Bachelor/Diploma. English - 50%, Life Orientation – 50%, Mathematics – 50 % OR Mathematics Literacy – 60% plus 60% for any of the three subjects - Systems Analysis and Design, Data Communication and Networking, Computer Programming, Physical Science.
  • In addition to the above criteria, the Department may require the candidate to appear for a selection test and/or apply selection and ranking criteria.

Exit Level Outcomes

The qualifying learner should have the ability to:

  • Communicate effectively with all role players related to the ICT field the learner will operate in.
  • Develop communication networks based on a needs assessment.
  • Solve communication network problems for a given scenario.
  • Administer communication networks.
  • Implement and maintain a secure communication network. Use programming skills to address networking issues.
  • Implement and maintain enterprise communication network policies.