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The overall purpose of the qualification is to equip the student with an excellent undergraduate education to provide a good foundation when entering a CTA programme en route to becoming a Chartered Accountant CA (SA).

Alternatively, the qualification prepares the student to practise as a Registered General Accountant on the second tier of the proposed four-tier accounting structure in Southern Africa.

Minimum Entry Requirements
Minimum statutory NSC requirements for degree entry are:

  • National Senior Certificate categorised pass.
  • Admission point score (APS) of 30 including Life Orientation Skills (Life Orientation inclusion limited to 3 points) and Minimum point score of 4 Mathematics and 5 English.
  • COMPULSORY NSC SUBJECTS: English and Mathematics Minimum statutory
  • Matric requirements for degree entry are:
    • Grade 12 pass with a University Endorsement
    • Admission point score of 38
    • (HG A = 8 Points,  =7, C= 6, D=5, E=4, F=3)
    • (SG A=7 Points, B=6, C=5, D=4, E=3, F=2)
    • Minimum point score of 5 for both English and Mathematics at SG level
    • Minimum point score of 5 for both English and Mathematics at HG level
    • COMPULSORY Grade 12/Matric Subjects: English and Mathematics
    • Students may be required to write the National Benchmarking Test for English and Mathematics.

Recognition of Prior Learning
Prior learning shall be recognised subject to the requirements of each programme as per WSU’s Recognition of Prior Learning Policy (RPL).

Entry Points To Diploma and/or Degree Levels

Entry into the diploma or degree levels will be available to those students who have attained the required credits for the previous level at WSU Economic Sciences Access Programme or its equivalent tertiary institution.                                                                      


For details of the curriculum and other rules, download a copy of the 2021 Faculty of Commerce and Administration prospectus.