Faculty of Educational Sciences

Faculty Academic Staff


  • Prof N Diko, BA (University of Fort Hare), Diploma: Applied Linguistics (University of Fort Hare), Master of Science: Language Education (Indiana University, USA), Doctor of Philosophy (Indiana University, USA) 

Faculty Officer

  • Mr ZD Mditshwa, Bachelor of Accounting (Unitra), MBA (Mancosa), Advanced Practical Labour Law (NMMU)


  • Ms N Sipungu, ND: Office Management and Technology, PGCE, BEd Hons (WSU)


  • Ms Z Tokwe, BEd: FET (EMS) (WSU), BEd Hons (WSU) 
  • Ms N Maliwa, ND: Office Management and Technology (WSU) PGCE (WSU) 
  • Ms P Gogwana, ND: Office Management and Technology, BTech: Public Management (WSU) 
  • Ms Z Macozoma, BEd: FET (EMS) (WSU)
  • Ms AM Nyati, BEd: FET (EMS) (WSU)
  • Mr BW Totobayo, BEd: FET (EMS), BCom Hons (WSU)
  • Mr S Ntshebe, BAdmin (WSU), BAdmin Hons (WSU)
  • Ms Q Mangcengeza, BEd:FET (Humanities) (WSU)


  • Dr MR Krexe, BSc Agric (Fort Hare), BBA (Unisa), HDE, ACE (Maths) (Unisa) BEd (Unisa), MEd (UOFS), DEd (WSU)
  • Dr T Saziwa, CHED (TCE), BEd Hons (Unitra), MEd (WSU), DEd (WSU)
  • Dr N Magadla, SPD (RAU), FDE (Unitra), BEd Hons, MEd (WSU), PhD (Rhodes)
  • Dr P Nqabeni, PTC (Arthur Tsengiwe), SED (Unitra), BA, Dip in Adult Educ, BEd Hons Unitra), MEd, DEd (WSU)
  • Dr N Nongalo, JPTD (Cicirha College of Education), ACE (Unisa), BEd Hons (TUT), MEd, DEd (WSU)
  • Dr T Maqoqa, SPTD (Lumko College of Education), BEd (Eastern Cape Technikon), BEd Hons, MEd , DEd (WSU)
  • Dr AS Mabade, STD (Veco), BA, BEd (Unisa), MPhil (Stellenbosch), PhD (Limpopo University)
  • Dr V Maqhubela, PTD (Shawbury), ACE (Unitra), Cert LR (BMT College), BEd Hons, MEd, DEd (WSU)
  • Mr MJ Machaea, BA, BEd, HDE (Unitra), ND: HR and RM (Oxford Academy), BA Hons (Stellenbosch), MEd (WSU)
  • Mrs XP Magxala, FDE, BEd Hons (Unitra), MEd (WSU)
  • Ms NM Mnyaka-Mngeni, PTD (Shawbury College), BA Ed, BEd (Unitra), ACE (UP), MEd (WSU
  • Mrs LD Liwani, BA Ed, BEd (Unitra), FDE in Technology (Rhodes) (Z), MEd (WSU)
  • Mrs KC Jokweni, BA, UED (Fort Hare), BA Hons (Unitra), M Ed (Stellenbosch)
  • Ms CN Mzimane, PTC (Clarkebury), NPDE, ACE, BEd Hons, MEd (WSU)
  • Ms BS Sishuba, BA, HDE (UWC), BEd Hons, MA (NMU), Higher Diploma in Social Development (Rhodes)
  • Mrs NN Ngubane, BA, PGD in Adult Education (UN), PGCE, BEd Hons (UKZN)
  • Mrs GN Mpondwana, JPTD (Masibulele College of Education), BEd FP, (UPE), BEd Hons (NMU), NHC (WSU)
  • Mrs J Tebekana, JPTD (Cicirha College of Education), FDE Remedial Education (RAU), BEd Hons, MEd (WSU), MEd in Early Childhood Care and Education (UP)
  • Ms FN Hlungulu, BCompt (WSU), PGCE (UFH), BEd Hons (NMU), MEd (UFH), PGD in ECD (Boston)
  • Ms PT Mkovane, PTD (Shawbury College of Education), FDE (Unitra), BEd Hons, MEd (WSU) Mrs N Mtengwane, JPTD (Arthur Tsengiwe College of Education), BA, BEd Hons (Unitra), MEd (WSU) Mr LD Wopula, BA Ed (Unitra), BEd Hons, MEd (WSU)
  • Ms N Gqwabaza, BA Ed (Unitra), BSocSc (Industrial Psychology), BEd Hons, MEd (WSU)
  • Mr M Lele, SPTD (Cicira College of Education), FDE, BEd, MEd (WSU)
  • Dr M Ziduli, BA (Unitra), BEd (Potchefstroom), MEd, DEd (WSU)


  • Dr R M K Boadzo, B Compt, BEd (Unitra), Diploma in Project Management (Unisa), PGCE, MEd (WSU), DEd (WSU)
  • Mr J Arends, BTech, HDE, MTech Educ (CPUT)
  • Mr R R Nair, BCom, MCom (MGU Kerala), LLB (MGU Kerala), PGCE (Unisa) Ms T P Xaba, BSoc Hons, MCom (Natal), PGCE (Unisa)
  • Mr L Wakaba, BCom, BCom Hons (Unitra), PGCE (WSU)


  • Dr AN Mapangwana, PTD (Shawbury College), ABET Higher Certificate (Unisa), Computer Skills Programme (Unitra), BA, BA Hons (Psychology) (Unitra), BA Hons (HIV/Aids) (Unisa), M Ed (UOFS), Strengthening Doctoral Supervision Course (Rhodes University), DEd (WSU)
  • Prof EN Cishe, JSTC (Butterworth College affiliated to Unitra), BA Ed, BEd, MEd (Unitra), Computer Skills Programme (Unitra), Strengthening Doctoral Supervision Course (Rhodes University), EdD (Nottingham University, UK)
  • Dr AM Buka, PTD (Unitra), FDE (UP), Endorsement Inclusive Educ (Unisa), BEd (Hons), MEd, DEd (WSU)
  • Dr OM Ayoola, NCE (Nigeria), BA Ed (Lagos State University), MA (English) (University of Nigeria), PhD (University of Zululand)
  • DrI Kariyana, IOBZ Cert. (Institute of Bankers of Zimbabwe), BScEd (UZ), MSc ST (Chinhoyi University of Technology), DEd (WSU)
  • Dr B Musodza, Diploma in Education, BSc (Counselling), BA (Social Sciences) Hons (Monitoring and Evaluation) (University of Zimbabwe), MSc (Developmental Studies), DEd (University of Venda)
  • Mr AN Lumkwana, Postgraduate Dip. Labour Law (NMMU), Master’s Dip HRM (RAU), BPed. (Fort Hare), BEd Hons (Unisa), BA Hons (Unisa) MEd (UOFS), MEd (Unitra)


  • Dr J Mvenene, B Paed, BA Hons (Fort Hare), MA (Unitra), Cert in School History Enrichment (Unisa), DEd (WSU)
  • Dr SE Dlepu, JSTC (Maluti College of Education), BA (Unisa), BA Hons (Rhodes), MA (Stellenbosch), PhD (NMMU)
  • Dr MV Macabela, BA Hons (UCT), MA, HDE, Computer Literacy (Unitra), PhD (UCT)
  • Dr Y Madolo, BA Ed, BA Hons (Unitra), MA (NMMU)
  • Mrs NH Matiso, JSTC (Butterworth College of Education), BA Hons (Unitra), MA (Contemporary English Studies) (WSU)
  • Mrs NC Mbeshu-Mhlauli, SPTD (Clarkebury College of Education), Certificate in Choral conducting, BMus Ed, MMus Ed (NMMU)
  • Mr M Mkosana, BMus Hons (UFH) Ms N Mtsini, PTC (Shawbury College), Dip Ed Sec (Unitra), BA Mus Ed (Unitra), Hons (Mus Ed), MMus Ed (UP)
  • Mrs N Ndamase, ULME, BA Mus Ed, BEd Hons, MEd (Unitra)
  • Ms TV Ndudula, PTC (Arthur Tsengiwe College of Education), NPDE, ACE, BEd Hons, MEd (WSU)
  • Mr NC Ngobeni, BTech (TUT), MA (LONGY School of Music of BARD College)
  • Ms KF Ngoma, BAMus Ed (Unitra), BMusic Hons, MMus (UP)
  • Mrs NG Scina-Ndabeni, BA Ed, BA Hons (Unitra), MA (WSU)
  • Mrs T Titi-Mbokodi, BA Ed (Unitra), ACE (Language across the Curriculum) (NMMU), BSc Hons (WSU)
  • Mr M Petse, STD (Transkei College of Education), BA (Communication Sciences) (Unisa), MA (History) (UOFS)
  • Mrs Y Torres, JSTC (Butterworth College), BA (Unitra), BEd Hons (ELT), MA (WSU)
  • Ms V Tsheleza, BSc (Environmental Sciences), BSc Hons, MSc (WSU), PGCE (UKZN)
  • Mr MA Leqela, BEd (Arts & Culture) (WSU), MMus Ed (NMMU)
  • Mr M Mashumi, BA Hons (WSU)


  • Prof JK Alex, BSc, MSc, BEd (MGU Kerala), DEd (WSU)
  • Dr MN Dhlula-Moruri, STC (Gwelo), SED (Vista), BA, BEd (Unisa), MAHES (UFS), PhD (UKZN)
  • Dr PW Mpofu, BSc, MSc (UZ), PGCE (Unisa), PhD (NWU)
  • Dr B Tatira, Dip in Education (Gwelo), BSc Ed, MSc Ed (Bindura University), PhD (UKZN)
  • Mrs BN Qwele, BSc, HDE, BSc Hons, MEd (Unitra) Mrs YC Majija, PTC (Clarkebury College of Education), HETC (St Theresa), B Consumer Sc (Pretoria), MSc Consumer Sc (Unisa) Mr M Shezi, BSc, BSc Hons (UDW), MSc (UKZN), PGCE (Unisa)
  • Ms AH Ngwabe, BEd, BEd Hons, MEd (NMU)
  • Mr T Tshuma, Dip in Education (Unizulu), BSc (Unisa), BSc Hons, MSc (Wits), MBA (Azalia University) Ms R Kuali, ND: Educ Home Economics (ECT), ACE (WSU), BEd Hons (WSU)
  • Ms NN Mjali-Sikuza, JSTC, SHTC (Cicira College of Education), BA, BEd (Unitra) Ms VR Momoti, BSc, HDE, BEd Hons (WSU)
  • Mr MD Mjatya, BTech (IT), National Diploma (IT) (WSU)