Faculty of Health Sciences


Recognition of Prior Learning

  • BSc in Physiology or equivalent.


  • One year full-time; two years part-time

Credits Required

  • The candidate must have obtained 60% or above in Physiology courses at Bachelor's Degree level to be considered for admission.

Summary of Courses





Core Modules


Research Project

PIO 42M0


Readings in Physiology

PIO 43M0


Research Methodology  

PIO 44M2  




Delivery Mode

  • To facilitate understanding of basic concepts in physiology, learning is in the form of seminars, assignments and self-directed learning.


  • Compulsory in all classes seminars and practicals and active participation in discussions is expected from all students.  

Research Project

  • It is a core module.

Course Work


  • BSc (Hons) students must attend seminars presented by staff and postgraduate students and contribute to discussions.
  • BSc (Hons) students will make departmental seminar presentations of their research proposals. 
  • These will be assessed and the mark contributes to Research Methodology final course mark.
  • Class seminar presentations on relevant topics assigned by relevant staff will also be assessed and contribute towards the Readings in Physiology final course mark.

Laboratory Exposure

  • Students will be exposed to research laboratory methods and equipment used within the Department by rotating with different research teams for hands-on practicals.
  • Students will be assessed and marks will contribute to the Research Methodology for the final course mark.


  • Lectures, assignments, practical session and write up will be used to teach current topics in physiology relevant to research.
  • Tests will be given by the lecturers involved.
  • These marks will form the formative component of the course (60%).
  • There will be final examinations covering content from Research Methodology and Readings in Physiology (examination Paper 2).
  • To be eligible to write the examinations, a student is required to fulfil the following requirements:
    • 85% of practical, lecture and seminar attendance
    • A subminimum of 40% in the continuous assessment in Readings in Physiology and Research Methodology.

Research Project

  • The examination panel consists of one (1) internal and one (1) external examiner. 
  • The average marks of internal and external examiners contribute towards the final project mark.
  • A student will be required to resubmit the project if he/she has failed to obtain the mandatory 50% in the project.

Criteria for Pass (P) and Distinction (D)

  • Pass mark – 50%. A 50% pass in the Research Project component is mandatory. Distinction – 75% and above.   Pass in all three components of the above is mandatory.
  • Fail (F)
    • A student is deemed to have failed if the overall aggregate is less than 50% or if he/she has failed to obtain the mandatory 50% in the Project
  • Supplementary Examination
    • Candidates who fail to obtain a pass in the prescribed course but obtain a combined mark of not less than 45% may be permitted to present him/herself for a supplementary examination.
    • Final supplementary marks will be computed using the combined year (60%) and supplementary examination (40%).