Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Minimum Admission Requirements

Matric & NSC Requirements

Campus prospectuses set out details of NSC and matric requirements for each programme.

Admission Point Score

Applicants who have obtained an NSC qualification must meet the required Admission Point Score (APS) score that is set for each programme.

NSC results are translated into points for each NSC subject. Results of interviews and other assessments may also be taken into account in determining the total APS or Admission Point Score.

Unless otherwise stated within a campus prospectus, WSU has, in terms of the new NSC, allocated a rating system according:

Level % Symbol         Status of achievement APS
90-100%   A+ Outstanding achievement      9
7 80-90% A Outstanding achievement 8
6 70-79% B Meritorious achievement 7
5 60-69% C Substantial achievement 6
4 50-59% D Moderate achievement 5
3 40-49% E Adequate achievement 4
2 30-39% F Elementary achievement 1


Admission from Other Degree and Diploma Programmes

Students with appropriate degrees will be considered for admission to postgraduate programmes.

A limited number of students with incomplete degrees will be considered for admission to all graduate programmes.