New Students

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International Students


All international students must follow the following procedure when applying for admission at Walter Sisulu University:

All international students are to apply for the evaluation of their qualifications through the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and Higher Education South Africa (HESA). For further information, send email enquiries to

  1. Complete a WSU application form for admission.
  2. Submit a transcript in English plus certified copies of your certificates, diplomas, degrees previously obtained.
  3. Submit a certified copy of your passport.
  4. Submit a marriage or divorce decree(s).
  5. Submit the identity document for a parent or legal guardian if less than 21 years.
  6. Pay a non-refundable application fee. See more information about fees.


All international students must be in possession of a valid study permit before they register at Walter Sisulu University.

Study permits are issued by the South African High Commission or the South African Embassy of the student’s home country.

These are some of the documents that will be needed for the study permit application.

  • A letter of acceptance
  • Valid passport
  • 2 identity photographs
  • Administration fee determined and payable to respective embassies
  • A deposit slip or bank statement? Students from other African countries are not required to pay this deposit provided that the Government of their country submits a written undertaking to pay all costs relating to the deportation of the student should it become necessary
  • Proof of sufficient funds for tuition, accommodation and living costs [bank statement, payslip or undertaking by a sponsor]
  • Proof of Medical Aid cover
  • A police clearance certificate [less than 6 months]
  • Medical and radiological reports [less than 6 months old]
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate [if relevant]
  • Relevant certificates if married, widowed, divorced, or separated.

A study permit will be issued for a period of study and therefore must be renewed at least 30 days before the expiry date. It can be renewed at the Department of Home Affairs anywhere in South Africa.

No applications will be accepted by the Department of Home Affairs after the expiry date.

The following documents are to be submitted when applying for a study permit renewal:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid study permit
  • Administration fee
  • Confirmation letter from the institution stating the duration of studies
  • Proof of funds [bank statements, payslip or letter of undertaking from the sponsor if applicable]
  • Police clearance certificate [less than 6 months from each country the applicant have resided for longer a year]
  • Medical and radiology reports [ less than 6 months]
  • Yellow fever vaccination if applicable
  • Proof of residence during your period of study
  • Deportation guarantee.


Registration and Tuition Fees

At registration, all international students must pay a once-off payment of R2,000.00 international levy plus the registration fee (except refugees). SADC students are required to pay the same tuition fee as South African students but other international students must pay two and half times (+2x)  the normal tuition.

No international student will be allowed to write the final exams with an outstanding balance.

Financial Aid

Unfortunately, international students do not qualify for financial aid offered by the institution.

Sponsored students

When registering, all sponsored students must submit an original copy of an official letter of sponsorship.


When you budget for studying at WSU take into account:
Stationery and books ZAR1,000-ZAR10,000, depending on the programme
Medical aid cover  ZAR400-ZAR900 per month 
Accommodation  ZAR1,000-ZAR2,500 off-campus accommodation per month
Meals ZAR600-ZAR1,200 per month
Sports clubs and societies ZAR20-ZAR150
Telephone calls ZAR100-ZAR500, depending on how you manage your phone
Pocket money to use to travel around and enjoy the beauty of WSU campuses and the surroundings.


International Students Association

ISA was formed in 2008 as a result of merger between the former Border Technikon, Unitra and Eastern Cape Technikon. It is an association formed by international students to achieve the following: the following objectives;

Objectives of ISA

  • To promote liaison between international students, the community and university
  • To promote cultural interaction between local and international students
  • To assist in recruitment, registration and orientation of international students.
  • To seek and foster ties with International Students Association from local and international institution
  • To create an environment that will be of interest and attract more international students to the university
  • To promote a better understanding among international student without bias of religion, ethnic or political cause
  • To maintain a linkage between the University and international students during and after the completion of study
  • To create an enabling “the home-away from home.