Sibulele Ngwane, a third-year Bachelor of Computer Science student at Walter Sisulu University, found himself stranded on campus one day which inspired his idea of developing a campus navigation application.

The Campus Compass project aims to create and launch a detailed mapping system for indoor navigation across university buildings for wayfinding, offering students, staff, and visitors precise, real-time directions.

“The primary goal of the Campus Compass is to address common navigation challenges, particularly for new students getting lost or arriving late for lectures to ease their anxiety and stress,” said Ngwane.

By providing reliable, real-time navigation assistance, the Campus Compass aims to alleviate anxiety and stress issues associated with finding one’s way around the sprawling university campus.

With this development, Ngwane envisions that students can focus on their studies rather than worrying about finding their way.

“The Campus Compass is more than just a navigation tool; it represents a commitment to enhancing the academic journey for everyone at WSU. Through this innovative project, I’m not just mapping out buildings but also paving the way for a smoother, more efficient campus life.”

The map will include key features such as searchable building directories, route optimization, accessibility options, and emergency routes and assembly stations.

“My first-year experience as a university student taught me that, wherever you are headed, getting there is not enough but to be there – to arrive and be present, and this is perfectly feasible through punctuality,” said Ngwane.

According to Ngwane, this is a challenge faced by many students who find themselves anxious to approach strangers for directions on campus.

Ngwane collaborates with his 3rd year classmate, Ovayo Yokwe, making this one of WSU’s student-led and self-funded innovations.

“This is a huge project that and needs as much dedication, as our books need. We maintain a tight schedule to make sure that I balance both and make sure that we make enough time for the both of them,” said Ngwane.

Sitting at its beta stage, Ngwane hopes the project will be largely support and accepted by WSU community.

By Ongezwa Sigodi

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