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Post Doctoral
Research Fellowship

To enlarge the pool of published researchers, in efforts to reposition WSU as an innovation-focused, research-active university, the Directorate of Research Development and Innovation has increased postdoctoral research fellow opportunities in recent months.

Postdoctoral Fellowships at WSU are awarded to individuals who have attained their doctoral qualifications within the last five (5) years. The duration of a fellowship is one year, but can be renewed subject to satisfactory performance. 

Fellows are attached to active researchers, with whom they can work to break new grounds in knowledge production, but also from whom they can gain valuable experience as researchers who can excel on their own in the future.

Appointment as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at WSU

Upon acceptance of an offer letter to become a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at WSU, candidates are required to sign a Contract of Engagement and, subsequently, an Assumption of Duty Contract. The University covers transport cost to bring the Fellow to the University. Accommodation costs are also covered for the first month upon their arrival. WSU offers a competitive PDRF stipend, which is non-taxable in terms of existence national legislation.

Access to University Facilities

Once registered on the University system all Postdoctoral Fellows have access to the Library, email address, and parking facilities:

  • Expectations of Postdoctoral Fellows

WSU expects all of its Postdoctoral research fellows to generate accredited publications equivalent to a minimum of 1,5 research output units per annum under WSU’s name. These publications should be based on quality research jointly undertaken with the WSU mentor or host.


For all inquiries regarding available PRDF opportunities at WSU, please contact Mrs Nomafu Sigodi on (email) or (telephone) +27 (0) 47 502 2647.

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