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Development Programmes

This function promotes academic staff development and research in teaching and learning programmes and services that are intended to empower both staff and students to participate successfully in the research in teaching and learning that will lend to increased student success. 

The following are the functions:

Develop profile of staff competencies for improved learning facilitation.

Coordinate and support faculties in curriculum transformation which is aligned with national trends.

Train staff on the modalities of career focused education.

Spearhead professional development programmes for academic staff.

Drive the review and support implement all existing Teaching and Learning policies and procedures.

Oversee the implementation and refinement of the staff Peer Mentoring Programme.

Develop systems to reward teaching and learning initiatives and innovation.

Implement the new academic induction programme.

Manage the evaluation of teaching and modules.

Develop and roll out a Programme for Academic Portfolio Development for Academics.

Research and support the development of academic programmes that are relevant to local, regional and national needs.

Provide staff support for programme development and compliance with HEQSF requirements (e.g. workshops on the alignment of qualifications with the Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework(HEQSF.)

Ensure that WSU provides academic programmes of the highest possible standards through evaluations, reviews and benchmarking with other universities.

Promote research into key issues of teaching and learning and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).

Conduct research on higher education trends to support the institution’s Teaching and Learning Strategy and strategic goals.

Research on impact of T&L interventions done as a result of SoTL, towards improving learning and teaching.

Provide capacity building in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) through article writing workshops and preliminary draft article reviews.

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